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Would you choose Yam Seng or Cheers in a Singapore Wedding?


Yam Seng is a traditional Singaporean wedding toast that has a deep cultural significance. It’s a unique and memorable way to celebrate the newlyweds and wish them success and happiness in their marriage. The phrase “Yam Seng” has a powerful meaning of drinking to success, and the tradition of shouting it three times adds to the festive and lively atmosphere.


On the other hand, Cheers is a more common and universal way of toasting, and it’s also popular at weddings in Singapore. It’s a simple and straightforward way to raise a glass and express good wishes, and it’s easy for guests who are not familiar with the Yam Seng tradition to participate.


The Yam Seng Ceremony is a traditional wedding toast that’s unique to Singapore and Malaysia. The phrase “Yam Seng” is derived from the Cantonese dialect, which means “drink to success”. It’s believed that the louder, longer and more enthusiastic the Yam Seng, the greater the couple’s chances of a happy and prosperous marriage.


Many wedding celebrations have the Yam Seng held as one of the stage highlight where the emcees will invite everyone to rise to offer the three toasts to the newly weds. The immediate family members, bridal party and elders will join the couple on stage facing the guests. Once the couple and the Yam Seng party on stage is ready, it’s a celebratory moment where the bride and groom, along with their guests, raise their glasses and shout “Yam Seng!” three times, usually led by their wedding emcee.


Often not, throughout the ceremony, the guests are usually seated at round tables, and the couple will move around to each table to toast with their guests individually. When the couples approaches the tables to meet and greet their guests, everyone raises their glasses high and shouts the phrase together, usually with a lot of gusto and enthusiasm. It’s not uncommon for the Yam Seng to turn into a bit of a competition, with different tables trying to outdo each other in terms of volume and energy. It’s a fun and lively tradition that’s sure to get everyone in the mood for celebrating!


Ultimately, the choice between Yam Seng and Cheers comes down to personal preference and cultural context. If you’re looking for a more traditional and culturally significant way to toast at a Singaporean wedding, Yam Seng might be the way to go. But if you prefer a more universal and straightforward approach, Cheers might be a better fit.




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