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Types of Banquet in Singapore for Wedding Celebrations

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With the engagement ring securely chosen, the exciting journey to plan your bespoke wedding reception commences. Wedding celebrations in Singapore are heartfelt events attended by family and friends who have significantly shaped your lives. These gatherings can range from intimate settings of 30 guests to grand celebrations with up to 1,000 attendees.

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3 Principal Banquet Types

A pivotal question then arises: How does one select the most fitting banquet style for their wedding celebration?  This article delves into the three principal banquet types typically chosen for wedding receptions in Singapore:

Chinese Banquet​

The traditional Chinese Banquet is a feast consisting of 6 to 10 courses, with each course taking approximately 15 minutes to serve, enjoy, and clear. This seated dinner spans around three hours, allowing for a split in the wedding programme into two segments, often beginning with the couple’s entrance marches. Live band performances are strategically placed into two 45-minute sets, complementing this format perfectly. Whether for a close-knit gathering or a large-scale wedding, guests can be seated at tables of 10-12 or assigned individual seats as per the seating plan.

Tip: Some venues offer individually plated options, charging per guest. This arrangement can reduce costs and food wastage for guests with specific dietary needs (e.g., halal or vegetarian options).

Western Banquet

In a Western Banquet, guests are treated to a 4-5 course meal, starting from appetisers to desserts. Each course, meticulously prepared by the chef, is served over 25-30 minutes. This allows for wedding activities such as speeches and games to be interspersed between courses. Live band performances can be divided into 2-3 sets of 30 minutes each, depending on the programme structure.

Buffet Banquet

The Buffet Banquet is a versatile and popular choice for any wedding size, from intimate to large scale, and can be adapted to both standing and seated arrangements. It offers guests the freedom to serve themselves from a wide selection of dishes. Important considerations include clear labelling and segregation of food to cater to guests with dietary restrictions or allergies.

Comparison of Banquet Types

Chinese / Western / Buffet​

Chinese Banquet

6 to 10 courses over 3 hours, seated, typically at tables of 10, with optional name placards and dietary preferences indicated.

Western Banquet

4-5 courses over 2.5 to 3 hours, seated, with individual placards and dietary preferences.

Buffet Banquet

A wide selection of courses, over 1.5 to 2 hours, offers seated and standing arrangements, with less formal service.

Considerations for Dietary Preferences:

When arranging dining options for your guests, it’s crucial to consider their dietary preferences, including halal, vegetarian, pescatarian, gluten-free, and any allergies. Especially for Western menus, venues often provide a selection of main courses, requiring guests to pre-select their preference.

To efficiently manage guest preferences, especially when plus-ones are involved, leveraging RSVP platforms can be incredibly helpful. For further insights on utilising these platforms for gathering guest information, we invite you to explore our subsequent article: “Top Platforms to RSVP for Wedding Guests.

By understanding the nuances of each banquet type and considering your guests’ dietary needs, you can create a memorable and inclusive wedding celebration that reflects your personal tastes and values.

Need help before making decisions, start signing up for wedding shows presented by various wedding venues and restaurants to experience their menu and service before making that big decision!

Now that you have an insight on the type of banquet to choose for your celebrations, don’t forget to book your wedding emcees and entertainment early to create the perfect vibes and atmosphere for your celebrations:

Here’s a summary of the 3 types of banquet:

Chinese Banquet
Western Banquet
6 to 10 courses
4 to 5 courses
Wide selection
Duration of each course
15 mins
30 mins
Sit / Stand
Sit Down
Sit Down / Standing
Typically in Tables of 10 (Optional with Name Placards and Dietary Preferences Indicated)
Individually Seated with Placards and Dietary Preferences indicated
Seated or Free Seating
Service Window
3 hours
2.5 to 3 hours
1.5 to 2 hours
Programme Split
Good for
Intimate to Big Weddings. Chef prepares food and plate it by Table
Chef prepares food individually plated by the Individual Guest
Chef prepares food in trays for guests to pick on their own
Food Service / Wait Staff
Dietary of Guests Required
No (Food trays are placed in segments)
Individually Plated
Yes and No

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