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Top Emcee Games for Your Wedding


(This content is written based on restrictions set by the Singapore government for COVID-19 weddings)


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Top 5 Wedding Emcee Games to play in the New Normal

Why is it important to have games at your wedding?

As you know, wedding receptions are a three to four hours affair. From the time your guests arrive, to witnessing you walk down the aisle, other than video presentations to show your love story and journey together. Having one or two games conducted by your wedding emcee can certainly perk up the atmosphere. 

If you are looking at other ideas to complement the food, look at our virtual live band entertainment that entertain your guests for 2 sets x 30 minutes to 45 minutes.The band can also create unforgettable memories for you by performing for your grand march-ins and first dance as husband and wife!


Is it still possible to have games played at your wedding despite COVID-19?

YES. There are many types of games that your wedding emcee can conduct safely while ensuring that your guests are physically participating at their seats and without moving about.


How does these emcee games fit into your programme?

There are three slots that you can fit the emcee games – before the event begins, after the guests have their first few courses and in our second half of the programme before or after your couple’s speech!

Types of Games that can be played at your wedding:


Shoe Game

The simplest and easiest set-up as compared to the rest of the games. The Shoe Game only requires the bride and groom to sit on chairs blindfolded on the stage. Each of them has one side of their shoes during the game itself.

The host will then ask some questions to the couple. The couple will then lift the shoe in their hand based on what the question is being described.


This game is exciting as this challenges what everyone knows about the couple and most importantly, how much chemistry they have with one another.


Trivia Quizzes

This is certainly a popular choice. Engage your audience & eliminate awkward silences. Besides it being fun, your guests will be competing to see who knows you best! As a marriage is the union of two souls – family members, friends and the respective networks of the bride and groom will be with you at this celebration, it is a great opportunity for them to learn a thing or two about you both. 

Even as restrictions ease up and your guests can finally mingle, some of your guests still shy away from interacting with others. After all, they can’t all be extroverts. What do you do to break the ice?Ask them some silly questions to get them involved in the party, and to see who really knows the bride and groom the best. 

Now, you could get some special paper printed, distribute matching pens around the tables, then get 100+ guests to pass their sheets around to mark each others’ at the end of each round. It may turn into a circus, and hence we are recommending professional wedding quiz hosting platforms to help you with a modern setup!

Here are some platforms that you can consider to host your wedding quizzes:


The most popular and well-known app used in our current Tech-Savvy Generation. What makes it so good is that it is easy to use and to understand from people of all ages. With the quick and convenient customisable options, it is easy to set-up and to test out. You can come up with questions and even have it set to have several answers to confuse your best friend of 20 years.

To enter the game, start the quiz and have the guests type in the code shown on the screen. Once your wedding emcee is ready to start, proceed to click on the “Start” button. There will be a period of time given for your guests to answer. Answering it successively gives the guests extra points to catch up and to show that they know you best.

This game hilariously tests the friendship with all your friends. Conducted by a professional wedding emcee, it can even turn hard questions to light-hearted fun. At the end of it all, there will be 3 winners on the podium, 2 runner-ups and the winner who might be your secret stalker.


Like Kahoot, Mentimeter works in the same light and is as well-known as it. One difference is when making the quizzes itself, Mentimeter is also able to make polls on-top of simple Q&A’s.

Mentimeter is not to be confused with Kahoot. When creating the questions on Mentimeter, you have to do your own designing unless you use a template. When starting the game, it is like Kahoot, start by turning on the quiz and have the guests type in the code shown on the screen.

This app is good but designing the whole look of the quiz may take up too much of your time especially if your wedding date is coming near. The background music has to be added manually into the game, unlike Kahoot; which already has a fun and energetic default music.


Convenient and simple to use, this platform is also fun and interactive. That is what Quizizz is known for, having meme sets to show after the guest gets them wrong.

With the interactivity one experiences, it can definitely grab your guests’ attention. No matter who is winning or losing, your guest will have lots of fun with all the memes and jokes you have prepared for them.

Like Mentimeter, Quizizz also has a library of choices to choose your designs and templates from. Easy to set-up and function, this is one of the top choices.


NOTE: The only downside of this is that there is a limitation where you cannot choose poll questions but only multiple choice questions. Execution of the quiz can also be confusing if the person managing your laptop does not know how to toggle it to a question by question sequence.


Learn more about how to set up a fun wedding Trivia Quiz:


We have summarised these platforms for your easy consideration:







  • The most fun and user-friendly platform.

  • Bright colours

  • Fun music to create an energized game-like atmosphere

  • Expensive. The annual plan has a 7-days trial version which can allow up to 20 participants. (Tips: Each table partipates as 1 participant)

  • Unable to see both questions and answers on their devices.

  • FREE version allows unlimited participants for up to 5 quiz slides (up to 2 questions per slide)

  • Not as bright and colourful

  • The interface is more suitable for corporate engagements

  • Bright colours

  • Fun music to create an energized game-like atmosphere

  • Sees both questions and answers on their devices

  • Images are only available in the question stem, not answer choices.

  • The only format for questions is multiple choice.

  • The game does not pause after each question to allow emcee discussions.

  • More confusing interface – If used wrongly, may end up having an own-time-own-target situation when the emcee is hosting, and participants can only see the leaderboard on the main screen (projector)

  • Affordable. For $16.95 you can pay a one-time fee to invite up to 100 participants

  • Bright colours

  • Fun music to create an energized game-like atmosphere

  • Sees both questions and answers on their devices

  • Tip: If you plan to try out the game before your wedding, remember to ‘clear responses’ before you present it to your guests.

  • Free version is only for up to 7 participants



You must be wondering, “How does that work?” Technology has it made it simpler for us. Other than the traditional bingo of printing cards for each of your guests, you can make them at Bingo Maker. Personalise it by replacing the numbers on the bingo cards with things that your guests may have or experienced with you.


Now watch them complete the bingo while enjoying themselves on a fun-filled adventure. Once they have checked out a horizontal, diagonal or vertical score, simply invite the to raise their hand and claim ‘Bingo’! The first guest to do it wins! 

Of course these are only some games that we recommend!

Here are highlights from our popular emcee John Lye who will certainly liven up the atmosphere at your celebrations.


If you would like to find out how our professional emcees conduct their games and learn how they can perk up the atmosphere at your wedding, do contact us!


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