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Top 20 Duet Songs for your Wedding March-Ins!

Merry Bees Duet Song Shili and Adi
"Two is better than One." Let your grand entrance be the perfect harmony of two voices blending into one. Are you looking for a special duet song while walking down the aisle with your one and only. Here are some hot picks from our couples.

Wedding Duet Songs List

Endless Love (“Endless Love” OST)

Original by Richie and Diana Ross

A duet classic that has been titled as the “Greatest Song Duet of All-Time” by Billboard. Written for the 1981 romance film “Endless Love”, the dreamy instrumentals and soothing vocals will not fail to create an enchanting moment down the aisle! 

Our dynamic duo, ShiLi & Adi has a mashed up version of Endless Love with a 90’s duet classic 你最珍贵!

I Finally Found Someone (“The Mirror Has Two Faces” OST)

Original by Barbra Streisand & Bryan Adams

Among the many love classics from the 90s, this song never fails to set anyone into the romantic atmosphere! Written for Streisand’s self-directed movie “The Mirror Has Two Faces”, this song represents the blooming relationship between two lovers.

It is definitely a perfect duet to be played over while two walk hand-in-hand to the next chapter of their lives.

Quando Quando Quando

Original by Michael Buble & Nelly Furtado

Looking for a fun song that can get everyone in the ballroom to groove? This could be the right one for you. The lively and tangy one that can swoop one off their feet and start dancing! Check out our artists, ShiLi & Adi, performing this energetic duet live!


Original by Taylor Swift & Brendon Uerie

Looking for something more pop and extravagant? This up-beat song, with its marching band energy and a catchy melody, is the perfect match for young bold couples. Make YOUR one-and-only wedding march a grand one!

Tonight I Celebrate My Love

Original by Peobo Bryson & Roberta Flack

This soft yet soulful romantic ballad explores the raw emotions felt between two lovers, unveiling the tenderness of love. It has also been titled as one of the “50 best love songs of the 1980s”. This classic can definitely create an intimate setting during one’s special occasion!

Rewrite The Stars (“The Greatest Showman” OST)

Original by Zac Efron & Zendaya

Walking down the aisle would be the same moment that a fresh page is written by you and your significant other. There’s no other way to celebrate this than the passionate duet, “Rewrite The Stars”. Expressing new hopes and dreams, it definitely suits young adventurous couples!


Original by Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat

For couples who are ‘best friends-to-lovers’, “Lucky” is a pop duet that you would not want to miss out! This lively acoustic duet expresses the genuity between two lovers of their charming connection, living in their own utopia. This song does not fail to set a chill yet romantic atmosphere!

Two is Better Than One

Original by Boys Like Girls & Taylor Swift

The title says it all! This beautiful acoustic duet expresses an attraction between two lovers, starting from the first time they met until present time. With its sentimental lyrics, this song can make your moment more extraordinary down the aisle.

Thank God I Found You

Original by Mariah Carey & 98 degrees

Meeting your special person is one could ever dream of, as if it is a blessing brought to you by the stars. This slow jam R&B duet can make one’s heart flutter all over again. Paired with soulful vocals and sincere lyrics, this is a beautiful song that will touch hearts.

Way Back Into Love (“Music and Lyrics” OST)

Original by Hugh Grant & Haley Bennett

Reminiscing an undoubtedly attraction between two, this song will bring you way back to the moment love sparked. This song was written as the love theme for the 2007 film “Music and Lyrics”, which focuses on the writing and arranging of the song. This is the perfect song to commemorate your journey as a couple down the aisle!

A Whole New World (“Aladdin” OST)

Original by Brad Kane & Lea Salonga

“It is a crystal clear that I am in a whole new world with you”.

Step into the next adventure of your lives while walking on the magical carpet down the aisle! This song is the main love theme for the 1992 Disney childhood classic, “Aladdin”, where Aladdin invites Jasmine to a life of freedom, as well as acknowledging the pair’s unrequited love. After its 2019 real-life adaptation, it is recently one of the most frequently played wedding march-in songs.

Check out our artists, ShiLi & Adi, serenading this beautiful duet!

Something Stupid

Original by Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman

Another tangy duet that can make one start moving! Adorned with a lively guitar accompaniment and dreamy orchestra instrumental, this song can unveil the cheeky romance between two lovers.

At The Beginning (“Anastasia” OST)

Original by Richard Marx & Donna Lewis

This romantic power ballad is guaranteed to get couples reminiscing and embarking on their lifelong journey together. This song was the main theme song for the 1997 animation, “Anastasia”, highlighting Lewis and Marx’s surprising chemistry. Along with its grand and dramatic instrumentals, it undoubtedly makes your moment down the aisle more extravagant!

Trivia: Anastasia is not a Disney movie.

Bless The Broken Road

Original by Rascal Flatts

A sensational duet that counts one’s blessings for having the presence of another in their life. It recounts overcoming adversity and heading to a greater future together. Inspiring the 2018 film, “God Bless The Road”, this song touches the hearts of many!

Don’t Know Much

Original by Linda Rondstadt & Aaron Neville

A tender love ballad celebrates the commemoration of a forthcoming journey two will embark on. With its sincere and intimate lyrics, it can definitely set a beautiful romantic atmosphere!

Could I Love You Anymore

Original by Renee Dominique & Jason Mraz

With its dreamy lyrics, this romantic duet is a beautiful representation of love. The song celebrates all kinds of love in all kinds of relationships. This serenade is an awesome pick for couples who wish to extend their sentiments to their families and friends.

Take My Hand (The Wedding Song)

Original by Emily Hackett & Will Anderson

An enchanting folk love tune that celebrates the joy of marriage, recounting the many emotions two experience on their special day. It can absolutely set the atmosphere for your special occasion. It definitely serves its title as “The Wedding Song”!

The Gift

Original by Jim Bickerman, Collin Raye & Susan Ashton

The beautiful duet expresses the sincerity and gratitude they have for each other’s love. Although it is a Christmas seasonal song, it certainly is a cherry on top to a beautiful wedding!


Original by Jim Brickman, Jordan Hill & Billy Porten

Looking for a song to express the soulmate connection between you and your person? This soulful duet is the perfect song for you! Accompanied with the soothing instrumentals and expressive lyrics, the song proclaims their indefinite destiny.

Spend My Life With You

Original by Eric Benet and Tamia

This chill yet soulful R&B song explores how their days will change as they dedicate their life to one another. It can definitely set love in the air as you walk down the aisle! 

We hope you Liked Our Playlist

To tune into our suggested Top 20 Duet Songs, click here for the Spotify playlist!

Of course, do not be limited to our selection. There are plenty of great duets out there! Our bands can also arrange and create duet versions of songs for you e.g. ShiLi & Adi if there are songs that you love but are not available in duets version! That is the beauty of an experienced and versatile live band 🙂

Remember, choosing a march-in song should be a song that is significant to both of you! 

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