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The Ultimate Guide to Video Production in Singapore


The Ultimate Guide to Video Production in Singapore

Tired of slogging through 1000+ pages of “Filmmaking for Dummies” just to get what you need? Do not worry; here is the comprehensive article where we condense all the necessary information into just 3 easy-to-read pages. We hope that this article serves as your Video Production Bible providing you with the ultimate guide to video production in Singapore.

Without further ado, let’s get started. We have gathered and compiled the important pointers into a timeline below.

Before I delve into the specific pointers, it is important to highlight a common aspect among them: Similar to Event planning in Singapore, plan ahead and expect the unexpected. Anticipating challenges enables you to identify potential obstacles, ultimately aiding you in meeting deadlines without compromising quality. Let us dive into the ultimate guide to video production in Singapore!

5 Steps of the Video Production process

  • Plan your video production 

You may want to refer to one of our other articles – Choosing the Right Video production Company in Singapore: A Checklist. This serves as a checklist for you when selecting a video production company. Reading the article may inspire you to consider certain aspects that you might have overlooked, hopefully aiding you with the first pointer – Plan your video production. 

It is essential that you have defined goals for your video: the purpose, target audience and it is also important that you consider your budget. It is crucial to set a realistic budget for your project, including setting aside money for unexpected expenses such as damaged equipment and post production expenses. PS: Merry Media is a one stop company that you may want to consider too! We offer services such as Events Management, Social Media Marketing, Audio Visual Production and Livestream services. To add on, we have Dinner Emcee and Dance Emcee for your company’s Dinner and Dance in Singapore. The clock is ticking, contact us now

Congratulations on deciding on a video production company in Singapore! Now, let us move onto the second pointer; Pre-production. 

  • Pre-production

The first step to producing a video will be the script. The script serves as the backbone of ANY successful project. When you proofread the script, you should be able to check off these boxes. 

𝤿 Message of the video is well-written and clearly conveys the purpose of the video. 

𝤿 Provides a detailed roadmap for the entire production team. 

Then, comes the storyboard. Using our 9 years of experience in the video services industry, we create a storyboard as a way to bring your script to life! Storyboarding is a great way to help you to visualise your script and a well planned storyboard contributes to a smoother production process. While it is not possible for the entire process to go off without a single hitch, proper planning can significantly reduce the number of hiccups during the production.

Choosing a skilled, professional video production company is crucial, as their expertise will be clearly reflected in your video. Selecting the most appropriate cast and crew is extremely important as the right cast will help bring your character to life! Furthermore, with the right crew’s skills, they can add value and ensure that their expertise aligns with the projects’ cinematography, sound design, editing and special effects.

Oh, and definitely do not miss out on the location scouting for the backdrop of the video. I know that everyone says that Singapore is a boring country, but we beg to differ! With the help from social media, you definitely will be able to discover unique locations. On the other hand, video production studios like ours provide a gorgeous, professional white backdrop if you would like the focus to be on your products. 

Finally! Let us embark on the actual video production process! 

  • Production

Cameras, Microphones and Lighting Equipment are all important components that are used on a video production set. Investing in high quality cameras is essential to ensure clear, sharp, detailed images. Visually stunning footage enhances the overall video experience for the viewer. Moreover, high quality cameras provide a shallower depth of field, achieving a cinematic look that really pulls viewers in. 

Did you know that a high quality camera also aids in the editing and post production process? During the shoot, you can manipulate the footage, apply colour grading, and make other enhancements without compromising the quality of the image. Therefore, quality equipment can significantly enhance the speed of processes during post production! 

  • Post-production 

There are a few aspects involved in the postproduction process: Video Editing, Sound Design, Final Touches and Feedback.

Editing – Using professional editing software to create your video helps create a cohesive, smooth-flowing narrative. The appropriate editing software for your project allows you to add special effects, transitions and music that elevate your raw video footage to the completed, professional-looking final product. 

Sound Design – Audio can tend to be overlooked through most of the video production process, but professional production teams know that it is an essential element to your video. Therefore, it is important for your video production team to ensure that the sound is clear and crisp, enhancing the overall viewing experience of the video. 

Final Touches – Ensure that subtitles, captions, filters, links and any other elements are added to your video. These elements are the last techniques used to create a professional, informative video in the hopes that it reaches a wide audience. 

Feedback – After working on something for too long, it is easy to get caught up and overlook certain aspects. That is why getting someone who is able to look at your project with a new perspective can help you further refine your video and point out edits that would not have come to your mind. It is highly recommended to seek feedback and constructive criticism from fellow peers and professionals. 

  • Distribution and Marketing

Lastly, we have come to the most important aspect: Distribution and Marketing. I am sure most of you have seen the marketing techniques used by Warner Bros Studios for their Barbie campaign. They tailored their marketing techniques for different countries like in the case of Singapore, they invited many local content creators for the premiere specifically targeting the Singaporean market. Apart from creating content that is popular in the modern context, I believe that the distribution and marketing techniques used played a huge part in Barbie’s success as well. When you Google “barbie movie” around the time of its release, you would notice that the search page appeared glittery and Barbie-like. Additionally, you will also realise that the results on the first page all revolve around positive reviews of the latest  Barbie movie, even though there were countless Barbie movies before. Needless to say, their marketing was done exceptionally! 

You would first need to choose the right social media platforms to distribute your video. Here are some popular social media platforms: Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram. Gently note that the listed platforms above have different uses and you may want to research more about each platform to find which ones best suit your social media marketing needs.

The key to having your video appearing on the first few results of the search engine page is, SEO Optimisation. You will need to optimise your video title, description and tags on search engines because it improves the visibility of your video online. Not only visibility, it can also help to increase credibility and trust in your brand too! 

The Long Journey of Video Production

Embarking on a video production journey can feel like running a marathon, it is normal to feel that you are running low on energy. Instead of being overwhelmed by everything that is involved, instead envision the impact that your video will have! 

In order to ensure a smoother work pace, it is important to partner with a dedicated video production company that provides premium video services that will guide you through every step of the way. Speaking of a dedicated, professional video production company, Merry Media is a one stop company that you may want to consider too! We offer services such as Events Management, Social Media Marketing, Audio Visual Production and Livestream services. To add on, we have Dinner Emcee and Dance Emcee for your company’s Dinner and Dance in Singapore. The clock is ticking, contact us now! and Reach out to us, a professional team today and let your video shine! 


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