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Livestream Services for Your Wedding


Create a broadcasting station at your wedding venue and go “LIVE” so that your friends and family members at any part of the world can witness your beautiful celebrations.


Top 5 reasons for livestreaming your wedding:

As Singapore increased its vaccination rate and waiting for its efficacy to take place, wedding couples are left with a million dollar question, will my overseas guests and family members able to join us for our celebration soon? It will take time for countries to open up the travel bubble. The truth is, countries outside of Singapore, especially those nearby are taking a while to open up.


1. Unlimited No. of Wedding Guests


Celebrate your wedding physically in any beautiful venue that you want but hire a livestream production company to broadcast it to the world where you can invite unlimited number of guests to celebrate your nuptials with you.


Here’s some highlights of one of our zoom online wedding celebrations:


Highlights from Catholic Church Holy Matrimony 2-way Livestream Zoom Wedding Celebrations


2. 2-way Livestream Interaction with Online Guests


If you have a family member or friend who is unable to fly in to Singapore due to the time taken to quarantine or take that long haul flight, invite them to give a speech virtually ‘LIVE’ to BOTH your online guests and physical audience.


Highlights of a Virtual Speech in a Livestream Zoom Wedding Celebrations


3. Bring your Virtual Wedding Live Band on screen


Hiring a wedding live band is a great way to create a romantic and fun ambience that will be very enjoyable to your audience. Connect your live band performing virtually from a studio to your LED/projector screens. Remember, given the restrictions where each wedding will have zones of 50 pax where the guests are unable to mingle and are confined to the space of their tables, your wedding emcees are limited with the type of games and engagements that they can play at the celebrations. A typical wedding banquet is 3 hours long excluding your solemnisation ceremony. Even with two march-ins, cake cutting and champagne ceremonies as well as your wedding videos, these activities will only take up 25 to 30 minutes of the total duration. A kahoot / trivia quiz game hosted by your emcee at most take up only 15 minutes of the time.


Just look at how interactive a virtual wedding live band can be while complementing your guests enjoying the banquet courses. It is engaging but not intrusive and your guests is able to make the choice of participating in the activity or not.


Highlights from Multi Duo Plus Virtual Wedding Live Band (John Lye & Yokez)


They can even perform for your march-ins to your favourite anthem and songs!


Highlights from our Dynamic Duo Virtual Wedding Live Band (ShiLi & Adi)


4. Recorded and Archived for Memories


We have to be honest. COVID-19 pushed us to expand our production services, and now we don’t just connect people around the world, we are able to also help archive these beautiful memories for each and every one of our wedding couples. Feeling lazy on a rainy weekend, pull out livestream YouTube link and recording and watch it together. Yes, this is out gift for you! Imagine, telling your future kids the song you and your other half walked down the aisle of love with and of course the virtual live band who played it for you 🙂


Here’s what one of our couple who has hired our 2-way livestream bundle with virtual online emcee and virtual wedding live band has got to say:


Our Couple’s Video Testimonial


5. Save Cost


If you calculate the costs, having entertainment bundled with livestream services is only a fraction of the costs to connect all your guests into one space. It does not cost you an arm or a leg to engage us.


We have helped couples celebrate in a 5-star wedding venue in Singapore with live-streaming them into the virtual platform and entertaining their guests with your virtual live band. Concurrently, they are broadcasting our programme to satellite venues celebrating their wedding at other hotels and restaurants.


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