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Samantha Tan

There's no bounds to Samantha's talents. A Singaporean artiste, host, content creator, and influencer based in Singapore
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Content Creator with Enchanting Vocals

A lady of many talents, Samantha Tan dons on many hats. Not only does she excel as a qualified preschool teacher, but she also shines as a versatile singer, a creative social content creator, and a captivating actress who graces both television and movie screens.

More than just a charming face, Samantha possesses the unique ability to connect with people on multiple levels. Her passion for entertaining knows no bounds, and she is committed to making a meaningful impact on individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Samantha’s love for the arts and her dedication to performing on screen or on stage are truly commendable. At Merry Bees, we represent Samantha for weddings as she her passion and personality for music resonates in every note she sings. With her incredible talent, infectious enthusiasm, and unwavering commitment to spreading love and joy through music,  every wedding becomes a celebration of love, laughter, and unforgettable memories.

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