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Jess is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. She graduated with First Class Honours in Bachelor Degree in Music.
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Jess: A Musical Maven, Vocalist, and Multi-Instrumentalist.

Jess is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. She graduated with FirstClass Honours in Bachelor Degree in Music. During her studies, she learned and explored different genres of music, which inspired her later in her songwriting journey. Whilst in secondary school, she formed her own music band with friends as a keyboardist and vocalist.

She was also the cellist of the Chinese Orchestra. In 2004, she represented the school and won the First runner-up in the National Chinese Music Orchestra Competition. She is the winner of Yamaha Music Scholarship Award in Asia 2010 and Hedy King Robinson Award from the Royal Academy of Music. During her university years, she was actively involved in various competitions and performances. She was the FirstRunner-up in the 4th National Roland Piano Festival Competition and was invited to perform on 9th International Penang Island Jazz Festival Fringe Stage.

In 2015, she participated in the TISJA Taipei Jazz Music Camp and was selected as an outstanding participant to visit the Music Department of the University of Cape Town in South Africa as an exchange student and to learn African folk music and Jazz music. In 2018, her YouTube cover song “Waiting for You” was reposted by Jay Chou on his Facebook page.

The video has accumulated over 406,000 views on YouTube, which is an unexpected surprise in her music career. Because of this, she was invited by the Sing China team to Shanghai to participate in Sing China. Over the years, she has always insisted on her love and passion for music despite the outcome. She hopes to inspire and influence people’s lives with her music.

Musical Achievements and Performances:


    • Hedy King Robinson Awards -Distinction in ABRSM Music Theory

    • 4th National Roland Piano Festival 2011 Grand Finals (First Runner-Up) Malaysia

    • Yamaha Music Scholarship Awards in Asia 2010(YMSA)

    • Dato’s Chin Voon Loong Awards (Highest GPA among music graduates)

    • Vibrante School of Music Awards (Highest GPA among music students )

    • 《The Ultimate Song》2013 Reality Show Song Competition Grand Finalist

    • First Runner-Up and The Best Performance Awards

    • 5th Malaysia Song Composing Contest 2010

    • 9th International Penang Island Jazz Festival 2012 Fringe Stage

    • TISJA- Taipei International Summer Jazz Academy 2015, Taipei

    • University of Cape Town, South Africa 2015

    • 《中国好声音》Sing! China competition 2018, Shanghai

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