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East Coast GRC Hari Raya 2021


In the midst of the festive season in June 2021, we had the golden opportunity to be the overall event management and content creators for the first East Coast GRC Virtual Raya 2021 Livestream event on Facebook LIVE.

The Journey

Held on Kampong Chai Chee CC’s Facebook page, the event featured the residents’ well-loved East Coast GRC Grassroots Advisers: Mr Heng Swee Keat, Ms Jessica Tan, Mr Tan Kiat How, Ms Cheryl Chan, and Dr Maliki Osman.

The event was hosted by the bubbly hosts, Dzar and Sharina, beaming their compelling energy on screen. Our band, Sofia and Jamiel Said, featuring John Lye, serenaded the virtual audience with their beautiful rendition of popular Hari Raya songs.

Our team aided in conceptualising and designing the marketing collaterals, countdown timer and visuals during the event and were also given the opportunity to liaise with the Grassroots Advisers on the event day. 

Moreover, our team shot and edited the Hari Raya Greetings Videos, where we captured the smiles and energetic well wishes from the MAEC CC groups within East Coast GRC, in a cozy function room in Kampong Chai Chee Community Centre.

Click here for the highlights of the event:


The Future of Virtual Events

In the midst of the Covid-19 situation, it is hard to foresee when live events will come back. As events are integrating with technology to adapt with the times, will virtual events be the new normal subsequently?

With a livestream production crew and event coordinator, you can bring your live events on screen to audiences beyond the physical area! With video stream hosting platforms such as Zoom, YouTube and Facebook, you can even embed graphics and visuals to amplify the look of your event.

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