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8 Steps to prepare Your Wedding Emcee

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Everyone wants a good wedding emcee to host their are wedding celebrations. BUT, how do you prepare them before your wedding day to ensure a fun and wonderful celebrations, while adhering to Safe Management Rules (SMM) and ensuring your guests can enjoy themselves in a safe manner.

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Before your wedding, it is crucial to have at least 1 face-to-face meeting with your wedding emcee prior to the celebrations. This meeting can take place physically or virtually via a meeting apps such as ZoomGoogle Meets or Microsoft Teams.

We have come up with a list of items that can guide you to prepare your wedding emcee. To start things off, let’s look at The Wedding Programme!

The Wedding Programme

Here are some main highlights in your wedding programme:

  • Pre-Event: Registrations

  • Emcee to welcome guests

  • Video Highlight 1

  • 1st March-In

  • Cake Cutting

  • 1st course to be served – Live Band (Physical/Virtual) to perform 45 mins

  • Emcee Game 1

  • Video Highlight 2

  • 2nd March-in

  • Champagne Ceremony

  • Toasts

  • Couple’s Speech

  • Emcee Game 2

  • Table-to-table Photo-taking

  • Live Band (Physical/Virtual) to perform 45 mins

  • End of Event

    1. A wedding emcee usually provides inputs for your wedding programme. Most wedding couples are planning their celebrations for the first time, it is wise to seek a wedding emcee or wedding planner’s advice to provide suggestions that will work for an entertaining night.

    2. If you have a wish list of activities, it is important for you to convey your expectations to your wedding emcee in advance. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected how weddings are celebrated and many restrictions are set in place, narrowing down to what type of games or engagement that your wedding emcee can now conduct during the ceremony can now be limited.

    3. When a wedding emcee is hired for 3 hours for the banquet, do you expect your wedding emcee to be standing on stage, to speak for 3 hours? Usually emcees will not intrude when guests are having their meals which means, they will have pockets of break in their hiring time i.e. when your guests are eating. Typically, a physical or virtual wedding live band is a good way of complementing the wedding programme when your guests are eating.

The Emcee Script

  1. Most professional emcees do not require wedding couples to provide them with a detailed emcee script. A face to face meeting will help your wedding emcee understand you both better for him to prepare his/her delivery on your wedding day.

  2. If your wedding is extremely formal and you prefer your wedding emcee to host it word for word, do prepare your wedding script for your emcee and convey your expectations to him/her.

The Bride & Groom's Story

  1. Unless your wedding emcee is your best friend, he/she may not know your entire journey as a couple.

  2. It is important for you to share a few important notes about your love story (e.g. how the two of you met, how long have you been together, any particular quirks the guests do not know about you, etc.)

Family Background and snippets about your wedding party

  1. Every bride and groom have their own story, and every family that comes with them have varying family backgrounds. Let your emcee(s) know if there are any sensitive information they should take note when inviting your parents on stage for a toasting ceremony.

  2. If your sibling(s), bridesmaids or groomsmen are giving a speech at the wedding, include information on how these individuals are related to you so that your emcee(s) can mention them while introducing them during the wedding celebrations.

Language(s) hosted

  1. Before hiring your wedding emcee, your agent or the wedding emcee would have agreed with you on the types of languages that will be spoken during the wedding.

  2. If you have hired a bilingual emcee, it will be good to inform them the expectation / weightage of each language to be spoken. For example, if 70% of your guests are more chinese speaking, you can convey this information to your emcee so that he/she know which language to focus on more.

  3. If you have hired a bilingual emcee and you only need him/her to host in English, it is important to mention this.

Dress Code

  1. While most professional emcees will attend the celebrations in formal attire, it is important for you to inform them your expectations on the dresscode. Some weddings that are held outdoor may have a more relaxed Smart Casual dresscode.

  2. And if you are hiring a female emcee, you may also want to inform her the colour of your evening gown and wedding dress so that her attire on stage will match what you have in mind.

  3. Share your colour palette / moodboard to your emcee!

Contact Person Upon Arrival

  1. When your wedding emcee arrives at the venue, you will be busy with other wedding activities such as tea ceremony or getting married (yes, the solemnisation). It will be important to provide an alternative contact for the emcee to link up on event day so that he/she can run through the programme with your wedding coordinator and banquet manager.

Payment Details

  1. Most vendors collect a 50% deposit as a confirmation of the gig. Discuss with your emcee on when he/she expects the final payment.

  2. If the emcee requires the balance payment on the event day, you can prepare all these in advance. Instead of fiddling through your wallet on your wedding day to look for the cash/cheque, ask if you can do a bank transfer before/after the wedding celebrations.


While there is no right or wrong to every checklist or preparation, we hope that you will find our article useful and get to have an amazing time for your celebrations! 

Communication is key to every successful event and a good emcee sets the right tone for any celebration!

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